Supporting a youth-serving agency when COVID forced everyone to move online

The Challenge Coronavirus temporarily shut the doors of West End House Boys and Girls Club. As many schools and agencies serving young people posted lists of at-home activities people could do at home, West End House wanted to create something more interactive for youth and more responsive to the needs of families. They had aContinue reading “Supporting a youth-serving agency when COVID forced everyone to move online”

Fresh Ideas for Web Content

Does your leadership team have the talent and the bandwidth to craft consistent, mission-driven messaging about your organizational impact? Here are some ideas for short-term investments that produce long-term results. Storytelling: The content for your website helps your audience to connect with your mission. Research demonstrates that people don’t make decisions based on facts andContinue reading “Fresh Ideas for Web Content”

Portfolio: Outreach to Build the Cambridge SE-PAC

The Challenge All Massachusetts school districts are required to support development of an advisory group composed of special education parents, known as a SE-PAC. The Cambridge School Committee had voted to create a paid staff position to support the activities of this group, including organizing workshops and meetings and conducting outreach for mutual support andContinue reading “Portfolio: Outreach to Build the Cambridge SE-PAC”

Portfolio: New Logo & Branding for Cunningham Children’s Home

The Challenge Cunningham Children’s Home, a therapeutic treatment, child welfare and special education agency in West Central Illinois, needed a new logo. The existing logo and color palette did not tell our story and did nothing to convey our mission and work. With help from a talented graphic designer, I led a consultative stakeholder processContinue reading “Portfolio: New Logo & Branding for Cunningham Children’s Home”